By: Merly Barlaan

WFWP-Philippines was established in the Philippines in 1993 with a vision to become a leading women's organization and to pave the way towards a nation of sustainable peace and prosperity. WFWP-Philippines' mission statement is to provide women and their families education and support to create a community of peacemakers, advancing together in the spirit of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

At the turn of the century, Philippines experienced rapid breakdown of families manifested in rise of teenage pregnancies, drug addiction, broken families, and inequality. These social problems are rooted from degeneration of moral values, influence of materialism, self-centered leadership, and abject poverty.

In 2013, WFWP-Philippines took on the challenge of providing the country a vision of peace and prosperity amidst socio-economic instability while seriously working on educational programs and bottom-up social development framework to support local and national development agenda by uplifting the status of women and their families. We have designed four major programs and projects:

1. WFWP Peace Leadership Conference for Social Development- aims to forge partnership between Government, Educators, and Civil Society Sectors to promote heart-based, parental leadership models in local and national governance system.

2. Mothers' Hearts Network: Mothers Raising Filial Children and Patriots for the Nation is a grassroots project, designed as a national campaign to provide vision, educate, inspire, and empower women to practice their role as women leaders and nation-builders by raising patriotic children, using a feminine and holistic, soft power leadership paradigm.

3. Patriots of the Nation Youth Leadership Program is a holistic leadership training program for the youth, geared towards empowering youth to blossom to their fullest potentials, raising honorable future leaders and stewards of the nation by promoting the core leadership values of Pure Love, Filial Piety, and Patriotism.

4. Peace Village Movement is a family-centered, community-driven development program intended to build model sustainable villages implemetaing the over-arching goals of the UN SDGs through partnership between families, international communities, and the government sector.


  • In June 2014, WFWP launched the Mothers' Hearts Network's national campaign on the theme "Mothers Leading the Way in Raising Patriots for the Nation" attended by 13,000 women leaders from 21 countries at the Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City, Philippines.
  • In November 2016, WFWP was elected as one of the Quezon City Women Sector Representative to the Council of Sectoral Representatives to the QC Local Development Council.
  • March 8, 2017 - Women's Day 2017: WFWP was the Co-convener of the Quezon City Women Leaders' Summit in partnership with QC government and the Council of Sectoral Representatives representing 1,300 civil society organizations of Quezon City. It was attended by more than 800 NGO leaders and heads of local and national level government officials, government agency heads, women senators, and the Vice President of the Philippines who is a woman herself.

WFWP-Philippines has expanded its network of partners including educational institutions (high schools, colleges, and universities), provincial and local government units, and civil society sectors by providing holistic and balanced educational programs, skills training for women and youth from micro family-scale livelihood projects to long-term eco and agri-tourism social enterprises. Eventually empowering families to become prosperous and peace-loving global citizens transcending the barriers of poverty. Translating vision into implementation, transforming the world - one woman at a time.

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